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Our products made with our real experience from practice and teaching yoga for many years. We have known what the yoga props that yogis need and try our best to make all these things.

Yogism Active_Yoga Mat 5.0MM_Align Form_


YOGISM's yoga mat there has two designs. The first one call 'Align Form' We design this mat with the idea of minimal style to keep it simple. This mat only has the necessary 'Alignment' markers' on the mat surface.


The second call 'Mandala Moon & Sun'. We have designed the unique mandala pattern for our mat and put the 'Alignment markers' on the mat surface.


The materials for YOGISM's yoga mats are made from a polyurethane top layer for anti-slip surfaces, absorbs the sweat, and to help you get a grip during sweaty practices. A natural rubber base gives you extra cushioning provides stability and support. 

  • Thickness : 5.0 mm.

  • Weight : 3.0 kg.

  • Dimension :  Long 185cm. x Wide 68cm.

Bundles Set_Yogism Yoga Mat_Mandala_Yoga


All YOGISM'S yoga mats have a mat strap included inside the box with the yoga mat. This mat strap can use with other yoga mat brands. 


YOGISM'S yoga box has made by recycling paper box.

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